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 Normal meetings have resumed at the hall, but we continue with some precautions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Please register in advance whenever possible. 
 Remote participation is usually available as an alternative. Look for this option when registering. 

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Competition Evenings

These are competitions amongst Society members and are judged by a variety of experienced judges or professional photographers. There is a mix of open and themed competitions, and images are marked out of 20. Any member can enter and judging takes place anonymously, so it's a great forum for everyone to have their images constructively critiqued.

The total scores from the print and DPI (digital projected image) competition rounds held each season decide who are our "top" photographers in each category.

To see all future scheduled competition evenings click here. Logged-in members can check the submission deadline dates here.

Detailed rules and guidance, including DPI sizing constraints, can be read here.

Survey - your views on our Internal Competitions

Many thanks to the 29 members who took the time to give us feedback on our competitions through the survey we circulated in August 2021.

Your Committee will analyse the results and discuss what actions we should take to reflect Members views and to ensure that competitions are an enjoyable and satisfying experience for Members and that they fulfil the aims of the Society.

Any changes to the way competitions run in the future as a result will be notified well ahead of time so that we can all adjust to any new ways of working.

This Year's Competition

Round 3 - "Open" theme, now open for entries!

The Third Round of our 2021/22 Internal Competition is now open.

Members may submit one Print entry and/ or one DPI entry. Submissions must be made using the PhotoEntry system (for both prints and DPIs), before the deadline of midnight on Saturday 4th December 2021. 

The Link for PhotoEntry is here:


You will need to enter your PhotoEntry User ID and Password. If you do not already have a User ID and Password, please contact John Murray at:

Rules and Guidelines

This is an “Open” round, meaning there is no set theme. All entries must conform to the rules about size, colour representation and titles set out here:

Internal Competition Rules and Guidelines 2021-22 Season Revised 28 October 2021

If you are submitting a print, please make sure you follow the guidelines which are designed to ensure smooth handling and display on the competition night and which have been revised to clarify that:

•            Prints must be mounted so that they can be handled; please note that judges will be taking presentation into consideration when assessing entries

•            Your print should have your name and the full title of the image on the back, exactly as stated in PhotoEntry ; please also indicate with an arrow which way up the image should be displayed.

Our Judge – Tim Morland

Our judge for the evening is Tim Morland ARPS. You can see a selection of Tim's work on his Instagram account “tim.morland”

Registration/ Attending in Person / Attending remotely

Registering as Attending in Person or remotely by Zoom: The Registration link is set out in the event’s details in the WHAT’S ON section of our website.

You can opt to register as attending in person or remotely by Zoom Video Conference.

Registration is required by noon on the day of the competition, latest. Details of how to log in to the Zoom Video Conference on 7th December will be circulated to all remote-registered participants. 

The meeting will start at 6.45pm and run until 9.00pm.  If you are bringing a print, please arrive early so that the prints can be checked and sorted into the presentation order.

Previous Rounds

Round 2 - 7th September 2021. Theme: "Abandonment"

For the first time in 18 months, we were able to meet together for a competition session. This meant that we could share Prints as well as Digital images. Some 17 members contributed Prints and 30 entered the Digital (DPI) category. Thanks to technology and the wizardry of our Webmaster, members unable to attend in person were able to take part by Zoom. 

Our judge was Jay Charnock who delivered a characteristically witty as well as instructive commentary.   Read the full report on the Society's Blog at:


Their images are included along with all the entries below. You can also see them in the newest Galleries on our website.

The Results of the session, and the running totals for the season to date are set out in these reports:

Internal Competition Round 2 (Abandonment) 2021 22 Results DPIs

Internal Competition Round 2 (Abandonment) 2021 22 Results PRINTS

Internal Competition Totals after Round 2 of 2021 22 Season DPIs

Internal Competition Totals after Round 2 of 2021 22 Season PRINTS

We will open up a platform for members to share comments on their own and each other’s entries, as we have done before. The platform will be open for longer, to give time for more members to add their thoughts.

Round 1 - June 2021 (Open Theme)

The first Round of our 2021/22 Internal Competition was held on Tuesday 1st June 2021. This Round was “Open”, meaning there was no set theme.

Our judge for the evening was Paul Burwood.

How the rest of the Competition will run this Season:

Entries restricted to one Print and one DPI

In response to the growing number of submissions in both Print and DPI categories over recent Competition seasons, and concerns raised by our guest judges, we have decided to reduce the number of entries in each round of the Competition to one Print image and one DPI image.  

This will enable the judge to give appropriate consideration to each image and also ensure that we do not overrun our scheduled meeting times. 

In the unfortunate event that restrictions on social contacts are reimposed, then we will revert to the format of having only DPI submissions (up to two per member) for any Round affected.

Themes and Judges

Round 4: Judging Session, 1st March (deadline 26th February), Theme “Night Cityscape and Night Landscape”. Judged by Gerald Kityakara LRPS. There is a guideline also for this theme below.  

Theme Guidelines:

March's theme of "Night Cityscape and Night Landscape"

We are looking for photos of the outdoors, whether urban or country, in the hours between sunset and sunrise. 

Some useful tips for us amateurs might be found here:

- Step-by-step guide to night landscape photography (

- photography landscape at night - Bing

Some examples that might inspire: 

- 34 Magical Photos of Cityscapes at Night - The Photo Argus

- Finnish Photographer Captures The Most Otherworldly Night Pictures You'll Ever See On Instagram | DeMilked

Looking Ahead to the 2022/23 Season

The dates and themes have been agreed already, so that members have plenty of notice:

  •   June 7th 2022: "Open" theme
  • Sept 6th  2022:  "Speed": Images that give a sense of speed; it might be a moving object, a running child, something blurred or something “frozen” in motion.
  • Dec 6th  2022: "Open" theme
  • March 7th 2023: "A Different Perspective": This could include images that are taken from an unusual point of view or angle; it could also be an image of something or someone familiar which shows up some surprising characteristic.  


After each round of the 2021-22 season, images will appear on this page (unless the photographer has opted out). Images scoring 18 or more out of 20 are displayed first along with their mark. To see the photographer's name alongside each image, click the button below the slideshow to launch a different view of the gallery.

Round 1: Open theme, June 2021

Our Judge, Paul Burwood praised the overall high standard and variety of the 55 images on display. For more information about the images, who made them and which secured the highest scores, press the link below to the Gallery


Round 2: Abandonment, September 2021

For the first time in 18 months, we were able to display prints as well as digital images. See the slideshows below, and for more detailed information, use the link to the Galleries.


Last Season, 2020-21

For information on last season’s Internal Competition and links to Galleries of the images click below:

Internal Competition 2020-21

 Copyright Warning  The copyright of all images on this site is retained by the photographer, and they may not be copied or used without permission.