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Three Corners - October 2020
By Gerard F Ryan
Posted on 10/20/2020 11:00 PM


Our normal ‘four corners’ meetings consist of us literally gathering around seperate tables located at the four corners of our venue, and at each table disparate activites take place all at the same time.  During Covid we have enjoyed sequential presentations on Zoom through the evening.  On this occasion there were three virtual corners because our website banner competition effectively took the time of two corners.  Corner 1 and 2 were presented by the members noted below.


Nick guided us through the work he does for  Art UK as a volunteer photographer.  Art UK is  a unique charity set up to make Art available to everyone.  Nick has been assigned to a region and is busy recording all the statues and public art in his area.  Backed up by researchers, this is a very interesting project and we had an entertaning presentation about the highs and lows.  Through a very thoughtful presentation Nick demonstrated how tremendously vauable this role has been for his with his photographic discipline.  Members can access further information and a copy of the presentation on the CoL&CPS website here.

Corner 2 WHY PRINT?  by Mike Kingston

Mike gave us a personal exposition on the central role that printing plays in his photography.  He demonstrated settings and decisions to be taken when choosing to prints from Lightroom and Photoshop. His presentation was backed up with a thorough  explanation of choosing paper types, colour profiles and colour space, bit depth and resolution.  By the end of the presentation we were itching to have a go.
Members can access further notes and a copy of the presentation on the CoL&CPS website here.

Corner 3  CoL&CPS Banner Competition Presentation and Selection

With Hilary Barton acting as compère members got the opportunity to review all the entries  for this year’s 4:1 website banner competition.   Members enjoyed viewing the images and having the opportunity to select the winners.  The photographers with the highest scored images then gave short presentations about their images.  Very bravely, Hilary has agreed to upload a new banner image every week, so that as many members as possible get to show their work.

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