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Canary Wharf Walk
By Nick Bowman
Posted on 9/28/2021 11:00 PM
What could be better than a walk on a cold, dark, wet and windy night? Nothing as it turns out thanks to Lisa Christie who for the second time this year commanded the weather to clear up just as we began our photographic tour of Canary Wharf. This time round, a little later in the year meant that darkness came early giving everyone the opportunity to get their tripod out and take some night time shots. Lisa had diligently given us all maps with the route marked out…some managed to follow it, others needed to make a call to locate the group (that includes me) as we moved around the concrete and glass metropolis.

As usual with the walks, the chat was as important as the photos….we tended to split into smaller groups in one place before reforming into new groups as we moved from place to place. It really is an excellent way to get to know people in the Society. People took an enormous range of shots from urban landscapes to close ups to people (street) shots…even when we all congregated in one spot, for example on the steps above the clock installation, it was surprising how we all tackled it in a different way (Margaret, Natalie and Nick; and then Gerard and Paul).



The evening was rounded off at one of the local restaurants giving us all the opportunity to discuss the night’s successes, near misses and complete failures whilst consuming burgers, fries and beer.

Many thanks to Lisa for organising, for finding a good route, and keeping us reasonably in line during the evening. Also thanks to Paul for getting permission for us to haul around our tripods…normally you’d be jumped on by security if you pulled one out. John has also kindly created a gallery of shots from participants which can be found in the ‘All Galleries’ section of the Images part of the Society web site…head over there to see what a talented bunch we are.

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