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 The rapid rise of the Omicron variant means we are once more back in Zoom-only mode. Please register for meetings in advance. 

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How to be creative with your photography
By Hilary Barton
Posted: 2021-11-02T23:00:00Z
In discussion with Nick Bowman, three members presented different aspects of 'creativity'. Natalie Robinson talked about developing and creating a concept before pressing the shutter to enhance the magic of a finished image. Debbie Smyth shared her experiments with handheld long exposure without movement and with deliberate movement, and gave examples of post processing. Jools McLean explained the importance of collaboration to expand your creativity.  Nick then shared some of his own observations on creativity.  It was a fascinating and inspiring evening.

Members can view the recording on the website by making sure they are logged in and clicking on the top item "vMeeting" in the dropdown list under the "Member Info" heading.  All the recordings are available there.

Some of the key reference material recommended by the speakers is listed below:


"Why it does not have to be in focus" by Jackie Higgins
"PhotoWork" by Sasha Wolf
"Landscape and Meaning" by Richard Misrach
"On Photography" by Susan Sontag

TED Talk

"Steal like an Artist" by Austin Kleon

ICM Inspiration

ICM Photography Magazine
Rachael Talibart
Morag Paterson
Ernst Haas

Other inspiration

Mimi Mollica
Meet Your Neighbours Project
Paul Sanders
Wolfgang Tillmans
Foam Magazine
Jim Grover

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