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Livery Halls etc

Drapers Hall ©Alan Ainsworth
This substantial project aims to document the interiors [and exteriors] of the Halls of some of the key Livery Companies based in the City of London. The emphasis is on recording the interiors many of which are rarely seen by the public. Some of the halls have very striking architectural interiors and collections of artwork and objects. This project is intended to challenge our members who are interested in architectural photography and extend their skills.

CoL&CPS members can join the group here.

The project is now in its second and third years and is being led by Des Hill. Six more halls have been photographed since Des took over from Alan Ainsworth; they are Cutlers, Salters, Apothecaries, Ironmongers, Girdlers and the Armourers. An image from each shoot is shown below.

Cutlers Hall ©Greg Lambert

Salters Hall ©Paul Shelley

Apothecaries Hall ©Keith Cavanagh

Ironmongers Hall ©Natalie Robinson

Girdlers Hall ©Amanda Lane

Armourers Hall ©Des Hill
This follows on from a very successful first year –led by Alan Ainsworth- when 6 halls were photographed –Drapers, Grocers, Vintners, Skinners, Tallow Chandlers and Haberdashers; we exhibited selected images from these shoots at our bi-annual exhibition [Points of View] in March 2016 and showed those of Drapers Hall at that Hall in May/June of that year. Images from the more recent shoots were shown at our most recent bi-annual exhibition [Moments in Time] in March 2018.

We plan another year for this project -starting in Autumn 2018- hoping to capture a few of the Great Twelve Livery Halls that have eluded us so far. We'll also be expanding our portfolio of city interiors by photographing other building types. 

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