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Internal Competitions

Competition Evenings

These are competitions amongst Society members and are judged by a variety of experienced judges or professional photographers. There is a mix of open and themed competitions, and images are marked out of 20. Any member can enter and judging takes place anonymously, so it's a great forum for everyone to have their images constructively critiqued.

The total scores from the print and DPI (digital projected image) competition rounds held each season decide who are our "top" photographers in each category.

To see all future scheduled competition evenings click here. Logged-in members can check the submission deadline dates here.

2023/24 Competition Round 2 Judged!

Round 2 of the new 2023/24 season of our internal competition took place on Tuesday 5th September 2023 with an 'Open' theme. The judge was Pauline Martindale. A report of Pauline's general comments is available in the blog (see link below).

Seventeen members presented prints in the first half of the evening. The highest scorers were 'Solitary' by Sonny Doonga (20) and 'You just keep me hangin' on' by Deborah Smyth (20). Their photos can be seen in the blog (see link below) and the galleries (see link below).

Twenty-nine members entered the DPI competition in the second half of the evening. The highest scorers were 'Taking a rest from the crowds ahead' by Sue Judd (20), 'Belice Valley, Reconstructing the reconstruction!' by Sarah Cartwright (20), 'The Music man' by Terry Fallis (20), 'The Crew' by Hilary Barton (20), 'November Sunshine on the West Coast of Scotland' by Matthew Taylor (20) & 'Early Morning in May' by Ian Winning (20). Again, their photos can be seen in the blog (see link below) and the galleries (see link below).

Thanks to Dennis Law & Debbie Smyth for managing the IT and image projection, & to Colin Page and John Murray for handling the Prints.

There is a full report on the evening on the Society’s Blog at: 


and you can see all the images in the latest Galleries and slideshows below:

Print Gallery

DPI Gallery

The results for Round 2 can be found here:

Internal Competition Results Round 2 2023/24 PRINTS

Internal Competition Results Round 2 2023/24 DPI

2023/24 Competition Totals

After this, the second competition of our Internal Competition Season 2023/24, cumulative totals can be found via these links:

Internal Competition Totals after Round 2 of 2023/24 Season PRINTS

Internal Competition Totals after Round 2 of 2023/24 Season DPI

*PLEASE NOTE before you contact the Competitions' Secretary that the “Ranked Scores” (the lower table in the linked pages above) show the scores for each image for each member from highest to lowest scoring (from left to right), NOT the round scores! 

2022/23 Competition Totals

The results of last year's internal competition were:

In the Print Competition, Debbie Smyth came third, with 74 points. Whilst the joint winners of the print competition and, therefore, the Marston Trophy, with 76 points, were John Murray and Dan Waller.

In the DPI Competition, Debbie Smyth came third, with 71 points. In second place was Colin Page, with 73 points. Whilst the winner of the DPI competition and, therefore, the Howe Trophy, with 74 points, was Rob Wilkinson.


Coming Soon! The 2023/24 Season continues - dates, themes and judges

Round 3: The next Internal Competition evening will be on Tuesday, 5th December (entry deadline is midnight on Saturday 2nd December). The genre is 'Portraiture', so members may submit photos only on this theme. The judge will be Nigel Wilson, who visits the Society in advance of his judging on Tuesday 17th October to lecture on 'Portraiture'.

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Upcoming Events

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