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 Normal meetings and events are currently suspended because of Coronavirus / COVID-19.
 Check the What's On calendar and member Forums for details of alternative arrangements. 

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Competition Evenings

These are competitions amongst Society members and are judged by a variety of experienced  judges or professional photographers. There is a mix of open and themed competitions, and images are marked out of 20.  Any member can enter and judging takes place anonymously, so it's a great forum for everyone to have their images constructively critiqued.

The total scores from the print and DPI (digital projected image) competition rounds held each season decide who are our "top" photographers in each category.

This Year's Competition: 

Fourth Round, theme “Local Attractions” - Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Thanks to everyone who entered this Round and who took part by video conference. Many thanks in particular to John Murray for handling the technology side of things with customary aplomb, and to Paul Shelley for overseeing the session.  

We have put a report on the Society’s Blog at: Blog

Top scores (20/20) were awarded to images submitted by Hilary Barton, Jean Jameson, Alan Larsen and Rob Wilkinson. 


We are planning to provide an opportunity for members to share comments on their own and each other’s entries, as we did after the earlier Rounds.  As soon as we have set up that platform, we’ll let you know. 


The results of this round and the overall scores for the year are laid out in the PhotoEntry print-outs here:

Internal Competition, Round 4 of 2020/21 Season.

Internal Competition, Final Results of 2020/21 Season

The “Ranked Scores” show the scores for each image for each member from highest to lowest scoring (from left to right).

The images have been uploaded to the Galleries on Club Express (save for those which members requested not to share), at: 


This being the fourth and final round of the year’s competition season, we can announce the overall top three scorers as follows:

1st place:  Nick Bowman, with 145 points

2nd place, Hilary Barton, 144 points

3rd place, Chris Box, with 143 points

Congratulations to them and to everyone who took part.

Next Season’s Competition:

We are hopeful that we will be able to resume meetings in our traditional venue in June and so have a competition for Prints as well as Digital images. 

It may be that we will be able to run the sessions as a “hybrid” so that members can participate online as an alternative to attending in person.  We will take each Round as it comes and do our best to have a Competition that is as inclusive as possible. 

In response to the growing number of submissions in both Print and DPI categories over recent Competition seasons, and concerns raised by our guest judges, we have decided to reduce the number of entries in each future round of the Competition to one Print image and one DPI image.  The reduction in submissions will allow the judge to give appropriate consideration to each image and also ensure that we do not overrun our scheduled meeting times.

If, due to social distancing restrictions, we are not able to meet in person for any session, then – for that session - we will go back to the “Two Digital Images” format that we used for this Season just ended. 

This is how the 2021/22 season is shaping up:

Round 1:  Judging Session, 1st June (deadline, 29 May), “Open” Theme.  Judged by Paul Burwood.

Round 2: Judging Session, 7th September (deadline, 4th September), Theme “Abandonment”.  Judged by Jay Charnock.

Round 3:  Judging Session, 7th December (deadline 4th December), “Open” Theme.  Judge to be confirmed.

Round 4:  Judging Session, 1st March (deadline 26th February), Theme “Night Cityscape and Night Landscape”.  Judge to be confirmed.

 Previous Rounds:

Round 3:  "Open" theme, December 2020

Peter Prosser APAGB was our judge for this round, held on 1st December 2020.

The continued restrictions on social gatherings meant that the session was conducted through Zoom Video Conferencing, and was limited to DPI entries only.  

A report of the session is here:   Blog

Click here to see the results of the Round:  Round 3, December 2020 (DPI) - Results

And here for the running totals over the two rounds so far:  Cumulative Results Total, after Round 3 (DPI) 

A Gallery of the entries is here:  2020-12-DPI

Round 2:  "Urban Colours and Shapes", September 2020

The second round of our 2020-21 Internal Competition was judged by Ron Tear on Tuesday 15th September 2020.  The theme was “Urban Colours and Shapes”. 

A report of the session is here:   Blog

A Gallery of the entries is here: 2020-09-DPI

Round 1:  “Open,”  June 2020

The first round of the season was held on Tuesday 16th June 2020.  This Round was “Open”, meaning there was no set theme.  Our judge was Jay Charnock.  A report of the session is here: 

Blog Report

A gallery of the entries is here:



After each round of the 2020-21 season images will be displayed on this page. Images scoring 18 or more out of 20 will appear first along with their mark. To see the photographer's name alongside each image, click the button below the slideshow and launch a different view of the gallery.  Members have the option not to display their images by checking the appropriate box when submitting their entries in PhotoEntry. 









Last Season 2019-20:

For information on last season’s Internal Competition, and links to Galleries of the images, you can access the Society’s Archive at:

Internal Competition 2019-20

 Copyright Warning  The copyright of all images on this site is retained by the photographer, and they may not be copied or used without permission.