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 Since 1st March 2022 we have resumed hall meetings. Members can usually participate on Zoom as an alternative. Please continue to register for meetings in advance. 

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Washing Line
By Hilary Barton
Posted: 2022-05-03T22:00:00Z

After the Spring Walkabout we were each asked to enter three of our favourite images from the evening. We split into small groups (including a Zoom group) and reviewed all our images, how they had been made, why they had been made, any suggestions for alternatives, etc. We then chose one image per photographer to be presented to the whole meeting after the break. It was great to see everyone take a turn at the microphone to talk about their work. It is always incredible how great a variety of work is made from a group of people walking around together, apparently looking at the same things. A small selection to show the range of images is shown below and all the images can be seen in the Gallery:


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