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Washing Line
By Lance Bennett
Posted on 4/20/2021 11:00 PM
On 20th April the Society held a “Washing Line” event on the theme of “Spring”. Most members submitted two pictures for the event, taken within the past month, ranging from the expected lambs and blossom through to park benches and canals. Breaking out into teams of five or so, members talked through each of the photos and gave feedback before selecting which if the two photos would be a better choice. Coming back together we then walked through the photos with the photographer giving some background and some additional feedback from the group. The general feedback was that this was a very positive experience that we should do more of. With the Society hoping to return to the hall in August there was also some consideration of how this could work in the hall.

This was not a competition and no points were awarded.  It was purely an opportunity to present and discuss our work and seek feedback.  The images below were selected at random to give an idea of the range of the work shown (hover over the image to see the title and photographer).



A gallery containing most of the images that were shared in the second half is available here.

 Copyright Warning  The copyright of all images on this site is retained by the photographer, and they may not be copied or used without permission.