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Competition 2 - 'People'
By Jean M Jameson
Posted on 9/18/2018 11:00 PM
 What a bumper crop of entries and a great turnout for our second competition of the year. We welcomed Tim Morland ARPS as our judge and he gave a clear, concise and detailed critique of our images, printed and projected. He was a dab hand with a large cropping card he seemed to have brought along for that purpose and was generous with his post-processing advice, too. He kept the theme in mind and discussed our interpretations of it, with a reference to apposite titles and composition. He raised some interesting discussion points - what is a 'grab' shot or a 'bit of a snap'? By this he meant that the background was too cluttered or had dominant items which detracted from the main subject, which could have been avoided by judicial use of differential depth of field, or a different angle of view. It was a delight that he had a good strong voice everyone could hear and a nice sense of humour.

Congratulations - particularly to our new member who achieved two of the highest marks and to a more established member entering for the first time.

With the top score of 20:
  • Susi Luard, “Fag Break”
  • Paul Shelley “Open Wide”
  • Janet Higgins “At Rest”
  • Chris Jepson “Fight Club”
  • John Murray “Michael”
  • Steve Duncombe “Smokin”
And with 19:
  • Terry Fallis “Noddy”
  • Bill Gilliam “People of Colour”
  • Chris Jepson “Alexis”
  • Stephanie Boughton “Lone Ranger”
  • Richard Eyers “Privilege”
  • Jean Jameson “Standing out from the Crowd”
  • Steve Duncombe “The Race”
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