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Competition 4 - 'Low Light'
By Jean M Jameson
Posted on 3/5/2019 11:00 PM
The judge for the evening, Peter Prosser, started the evening off by introducing himself: he has been competing in, and then judging club competitions for a good many years, after a career which gave him experience and expertise in all aspects of film and camera paraphernalia and processes. He warned against being too serious and forgetting that photography should be fun.

In critiquing our print entries, Peter made suggestions for different crops which would make for stronger compositions and sometimes, rather than wanting elements left out, he asked for things to be added - including the odd leg, disappearing up a flight of stairs for instance. He particularly liked patterns and shapes and reflections and he talked about how the eye travels round an image, seeking balance and focus. A he worked through the entries, Peter discussed how hard it is to exactly define 'low light' and whether images taken indoors but with bright window light fitted into the theme or not. Maybe we need to address this when we choose themes, so that we have a clearer understanding of what we mean.
Several members were awarded high marks and they are to be congratulated - most of their images are now in the DPI and Print galleries along with the other entries. Also, as this was the last round, the overall winners of the print and DPI competitions have now been declared. See the competition page for more information.

Being the beginning of the month, the Tiger Trophy was presented to the winner of February's competition on our Flickr 'Pick of the Week'. Chris Jepson won, but waived his right to choose the them for March, as we have decided to ask for images to be submitted instead which might be suitable as a new masthead for the website. We also reminded members that on April 2nd, Mimi Mollica is our guest speaker and he is going to advise on any ongoing projects we present him with - a follow-up to our storytelling project, and talk about how he organises and executes such project based work.

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